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Mon, Jul. 4th, 2005, 07:44 am

Title: Stopping in your tracks
Disclaimer: not mine. at all
summary: Kate and Claire's slow relationship progression
Pairings: Kate/Claire implied Sawyer/Jack and Charlie/Claire
Words: 1158
Author: sawyersayidluv
Raiting: R for language

A/N: This used to be a whole lot longer but my computer went out while I was typing it so
I had to restart and it came out a lot shorter.

She has always had a complicated life. Some kind of conflict or problem, and for once

Kate just wants to sit and not want to run off and find a problem. Make her own problems

Up that don't exist. She wants to sit and talk to Jack. A long conversation with lots of

Meaning, but somehow they always have short little tidbits here and there.

And yeah it is annoying, because she dose like Jack, but she also likes Sawyer in a

Twisted way that she seems to always find. She antsy,angsty,and impatient. So she

talks to Claire. Who's nice and funny and never. Never judges her.

It's a nice change.

It had happened on day. Claire was sitting beside her Aaron in her lap and they were

laughing over some crazy joke Claire had come up with. The sun was going down and the

Sky was a rainbow of red's and orange's.

The shimmer of sunlight reflecting off the water and illuminated Claire's face. Kate

Stopped short realizing what was happening. Claire pulled her head back smiling bring

The hand that wasn't holding Aaron up to her face.

"What?" she asked. "Is there sand on my face?"

Kate kept looking for a second before shaking her head and smiling.

"No, there's nothing there." 'Only beauty.' Kate thought but it would have sounded cheesy

And she was not gay.

She wasn't.

Well, maybe a little.

"Kate." Jack said, but she wasn't listening just kept looking out over at the rocks where

Charlie and Claire were playing with Aaron.

"Kate," Jack snapped again bringing her out of her thoughts. She turned and looked at

Jack wanting to say 'Go the 'Fuck' away.' , but she didn't talk like that so she just raised

An eyebrow.

"I have to change Sawyer's bandage, and Sun is off with Jinn so can you help me." he

Asked going back to doctor mode after finally getting her attention.

"Why Dr. Sheapard keep talking like that people might start to think you and sawyer are

*fake gasp* friends." she smiled smugly at him before standing and throwing one last

Look over her shoulder at Claire.

"Kate. The man was shot." she thought Jack said behind her, but it was hard to tell

Because she wasn't listening.

They entered the cave and of course Sawyer ever the jackass had to say something.

"Freckles, surprised to see you here shouldn't you be off with ya' little girl friend." he

Snapped but he was smiling.

"No, but want me to leave so you can be with yours." she shot back and his grin got


"Touche'. "He grinned , but Jack looked pissed. Well lately he always looked pissed so she

Was not going to care.

"Can you just hold this," he asked as he began to strip off the old bandage.

"Damn Doc' pull it harder why don't ya." Sawyer grimaced.

"Shut up." Jack said,and to her surprise he did.

It dawned on her a little while after wards that niter her or Sawyer (or Jack) had denied

Anything about boyfriends or girlfriends.

Well, that was intrusting.


Kate had token up to picking fruit when Charlie and Claire were around one another

,Because everything about them oozed coziness and family.

She isn't used to being jealous or having a reason to be jealous. But Claire was cute and

Sweet and something about her made Kate want to grab her and hold her.

There was an innocence about her, but not only innocence there seemed to be something

Dark as well.

She wasn't a princess in distress and she didn't need saving. Kate wasn't a hero, but she

Figures if Claire needed it she would try and save her.


"Hey." Claire says sitting down next to Kate in the warm sand closest tot he water with

Out getting wet.

"Hey long time no see." Kate looks at her in all her golden glory.

"Yeah well Charlie has developed a Fatherly obligation to me an Aaron. I love him and all

he's just......... I don't even know him really. Ay know. I just wanted to get away a while."

Claire said looking up at Kate and smiling.

"Do you understand?"she asked and Kate sighed understanding all to well.

"Yeah I do." She said and Claire smile broadened glad someone got it.

"That offer to do your chart is still open ay know." Claire told her fingers absently tracing

Pictures in the sand.

"Unless you have something better to do." Claire quickly added sounding like and

Embarrassed teen asking for a date.

"Nope." Kate said standing giving Claire a hand up as well. "There is nothing I would

Rather do right now," 'or ever' she added silently in her head.


"OK." Claire murmured digging through her bag. "Was definitely not expecting this to


"What is it." Kate asked her hand coming up to stop Claire's rummaging.

"It's my bloody period."Claire said then stopped fidgeting as she heard Kate laugh.

"Whats so funny?" she questioned Kate looking at her through her golden locks.

"You realize that not only do you sound like Charlie, but you just said 'bloody period.'"

Kate laughed out rewarded with a smile from Claire.

"Come on I have half a box of tampons hidden in the jungle." Kate told her.

"Now who sounds like someone else." Claire smirked.

"I have no idea what your talking about." Kate said smirking back at her. Her hand

tightened around Claire's as she helped her to her feet.

Claire's smirk disappeared when Kate dropped her hand instantly, and if Kate dared to

Hope, it was because Claire liked touching her.


She'd kissed her. On the lips.

She hadn't really mente to but Claire was smiling and thanking her for the tampons and

Kate just couldn't help it.

She had leaned in, her hand still over hers as they both held on to the box, and placed a

Small but firm kiss on Claire's lips.

There was enough time before Claire had pulled away stuttering out things and running

Off, for Kate to get the taste of her in her mouth.

She sadly wished it would never go away.


There was yelling outside of her cave. Charlie would yell. Then Jack or Sawyer. Then

Claire would yell at them all.

Apparently someone had seen Charlie snorting out of his little baggie,and then they had

wanted to know what it was he was snorting. Which had created a fight between them

And Charlie. Thus creating the whole huge scenic.

Now Aaron was crying so loudly and she heard the sound getting closer. Claire was

standing outside her cave holding Aaron and trying to soothe him, and trying to hold her

Small bag.

"Whets going on?" Kate asked approaching Claire and taking the bag from her hand.

"It's Charlie. I refuse to stay in there with him. With all of those Dicks. I was

wondering if I could bunk here with you." Claire stammered out and Kate looked

surprised. They hadn't talked since they had kissed a week ago.

"Huh yeah honey. Of course." Kate said helping Claire to sit down.

"I can't believe Charlie would do that. I mean I trusted him you know and he would go and

Be doing that behind my back and all." Claire cried out and Kate softly took Aaron out of

her grasp and rocked him back to sleep before setting him down in a suit case that had been

dubbed  a crib before.

"Claire honey Oh. I'm sorry." She said gathering Claire up against her as she cried.

"You love him don't you." Kate sadly after Claire's cries had softened.

"I don't know. I really like. I just I don't think I can." Claire sired out softly resting her

Head against Kate's shoulder.

"Because of this." she asked one hand moving from Claire's waist to motion at the fight

That had barley stopped outside.

"No." Claire began as she pulled Kate's arm back around her waist. She lifted her head to

look into Kate's greenish gray eyes. "Because of this." , and then she leaned in and kissed


"I'm sorry I ran away before. I...I...I was scared am scared. I've never done this before." Claire rested

against her again.

All the events of the last year came flooding back and Kate tightened her grip on Claire

Wondering exactly how she had fallen so hard for this beautiful Australian.

"I know honey. I'm scared too."

P.S I will probably write a sequel to this cause it came out so short

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Hi. Um, I believe that icon your using was made by me. I'd appreciate it if you credited me, thanks!

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