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Sun, Jul. 24th, 2005, 03:07 pm

I got the internet back. woohoo. Yay.

Well my birtday was uncanceled. Yay. Chelsea Stephanie Cady and Elyssa came over. Brooke came over a week earier because she had to go on vacation. :( I got the grudge on Dvd from Brooke.

From Cady I got the Grudge directos cut so I'm gonna pawn the grudge. I know I'm a bitch. Chelsea got me Cursed the directo's cut Yay. the gay scene. Elyssa got me the story of the year CD. Stephanie got me..... nothing. ahh oh well.

My grandmas each got me money. yay. My mom got me sims unevirsity. Yay. Everyone else forget my birthday. Ya oh boo.

We all got liquor which my mom bought at the store. Boone's farm YAY. Smirnoff tequila and some other stuff. Yay liquor. WE all drank and played the football and Jackie (my cousin on my dad's side,) was a big fat bitch. Kept asking if I was gay. I have lots of pictures of Lost on my wall so there are females on my wall. *Plus a dirty drawing i did of Sawyer and Jack*

Jaime and Janna (JAckies little sister aka my cousins) found my journal and were reading a dirty story me and Elyssa wrote in ISS. They can barely read so I'm not to worried.

My mom got high on my birthday. Which is so nice. I got a chocolate cake that said lost in big red letters and had palm trees on it (they were really flowers but it's my brain.)

Everyone left and All us girls (Chelsea Cady Stepahie and Elyssa) went to my room and watched the deleted scenes from the grudge while installing the Sims university.

I snuck a pack of Ciggs from my mom and we all lit one up then the fire alarm went off. So we told my mom we had been burning a candel then we went to the park at my apartments and smoked in the inner tube but we had to make a run for it because apartment patrol saw us.

We got back in a the sims was done loading and etc. We played for a while making us on the sims then I got boared and put in cursed and made a family of lost sims. Aaron Claire Kate Jack Sun and Sawyer.

Sawyer and JAck got engaged and you can't marry them till they leave collage.

Kate and Claire are a couple but not in love.

Sun and Aaron are together whcih is wierd. Aaron's first kiss was with Cliare. Kinds sick. And funny.

My sims have joined a secret comunity and are in a band. Araon's drums JAck's guitar and Sawyer is bass while Sun spits freethrows.

They have a bubble machine and it looks like they are getting high. I had a bonfire and the the all went to there seperat rooms *i still lived in the doorm*.

Except for Jack who went to Sawyer's room the only one with a double bed.

They all have cellphones Mp3 and Little videogames.

i lost some more wieght and I am now 110 pounds. I was 160 at the begining of Summer. I worked out and ate rioght and lost moy grande wieght.

Can't wait to go clothes shopping. Hot topic here i come.

Woot woot. And away ..............`````.................````....................`````........ Woosh